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About Us

We are passionate about our distinctive character, spirit, and attitude.

So much so, we felt calling this page "About Us"  falls short of conveying who we are. Ethos would be more apt. While this term might seem a little high horse and boastful, "ethos" also conveys the professionalism and code of conduct we expect from everyone on our team. We want you to know just how much we care about the gear and services we bring to our clients. Our pride shines through to the pride you'll have from choosing us.

We specialise in high-quality audio, visual, and lighting for concerts, dances, weddings, events and displays. We have many features and options for you including backdrops, coloured lighting, trussing and truss covers to add to your experience. We love to work with you and/or your event planner to level up your event from great to extraordinary. We take pride and enjoy the variety of people we serve, no event is too big or small - it makes our work rich and fulfilling.

We are an established family business that has served Saskatoon and Saskatchewan for over 25 years. We are so proud and gratified by the community of people and organisations that we have had the opportunity to help entertain guests at events, concerts, dances, parties and weddings.