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School Dance Packages

Let us help you plan your event so that you can raise your funds or ticket your event so that you can put on an extraordinary party.

Night Owl Entertainment provides more successful school dances in Saskatchewan than any other music service. 

Production value is key to the success of any dance and we bring the elements you need for a dynamic, well-produced, unbelievable school dance. Our packages exceed expectations by wowing our you and your guests with our professionalism and experience, our talented DJs and MCs, our unparalleled sound systems and our stunning light shows.

We have always believed in offering the very best in audio and lighting for any function we do. We are constantly purchasing, designing, and constructing new and exciting elements to make our shows unlike anything else around.  With a roster of DJ's who have delivered great mixes time and time again, your music is in good hands. We always welcome your requests and our DJ's can seamlessly link any genre to keep the party booming.

Transform your gym to a club in a day.
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Our Show Packages

Nobody Does It Bigger. That's a fact!

Series One Shows

The equipment in this series starts where our competitor's max out. Series 1 shows are designed to work within your budget to deliver an exhilarating dance experience to your school. You will see the difference as we start to pull case after case of equipment into your building. No one else provides this much audio and lighting at this price point.

  • Audio: We run no less than two double 18" sub-bins and four to six mid/hi cabinets at every function. All set-up is done by experienced sound techs to deliver a chest-pounding system.
  • Structural: Leave the screen at home! With 75 ft or more of exhibition truss, we can utilise your space for maximum impact. Our visually stunning structural design will create the ultimate space for your party.
  • Lighting: Never static and always fully controlled. We want to turn your space into a dynamic and electrifying display. Intelligent fixtures, full-colour wash, strobe, hazers, LED fixtures, and illuminated dance boxes will light up the beat and provide the atmosphere for your favorite tracks!

Additional features can be included on request. If you have an idea or want a particular theme just ask.

Series Two Shows

If your school is ready for a dance experience that will be talked about long after it is over, the Series 2 packages are the biggest school dance productions on the prairies. This series is a surefire way to kick off and revitalise any staleness around your school dances. The foundation for this series is based on a few simple principles:

  • Huge Free Standing Truss Structures: Over 120 ft of touring grade box truss lifted by industrial crank stands and rigging materials to provide the structure for a towering and electrifying light show.
  • Enough Audio for an Outdoor Concert: Our background in live audio means we own and operate top audio names like Turbosound and EAW. We do like no other with optional upgrades to Line Array sound systems, Bi-amped mid/hi cabinets, and additional bass bins.
  • Lighting Design: The sheer volume of lighting in these shows is enough to impress. When controlled by our expert lighting techs and run through state of the art SGM lighting controls, the result is always a rush.
  • Theatrical Elements to Suit Any Theme You Like: With Series Two Shows, the backdrops, scrim, lycra, gobos, and projections can transform any space into a conceptual playground.

Additional features can be included on request. If you have an idea or want a particular theme just ask.